Friday, November 03, 2006

Special Quest Event for JX2 Online

To give the JX2 Online Game more fun, i will have a special quest event for JX2's member or players here. This special quest event is simple. Just let me know where i am on the photo below, give me the answer in Location Map, Coordinate of where i am standing. Simple?

Spot where i am in JX2 Online Game Part 1

Winner Prize

1st Winner : 3 Gold + 1x Mysterious Chest
2nd Winner : 2 Gold + 1x Aqua Gold
3rd Winner : 1 Gold + 300x Yang/Poplar Wood

Rules of this Special Events.
1. Players must leave a comment/answer here, with your character's name, location of me standing on the photo(Place, Map and Coordinate)
2. This event will end on 15th November 2006
3. All prize given are in virtual game and not in real world golds or items.
4. This event have nothing nor any related to Official JX2 Website and companys.
5. No userid or password will be asked upon receiving prizes.
6. Winner must response to me within 24hours upon ending of this event.
7. Winner will base on the comment leaved here, as is first come first serve rules.
8. Answer of this event will be announced here on the 16th November 2006 11pm

The Prize would be interesting i think. But i think it would help to increase the fun of playing JX2 Game. Have fun. Enjoy this event. :)


Blogger zyniz said...

wah sun nice job ! Cham loh noobie me duno where >.< u are creative !

7:58 AM  
Blogger ColazZ said...

Hi steph.. Is ur event open to any char in game or just for Emei char onli.. or valid to anyone who log on and see this... =)

11:15 PM  
Blogger StephanieSun said...

Yes, colaz, anyone playing in JX2 Online are entitle to join this event.

zyniz, thks, and i think your blog is much more better than mine. :)

6:07 PM  

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