Friday, October 13, 2006

How to make more money in JX Online 2 ?

After spending days and hours of playing JX Online 2 or JX2, i notice that i spend alot of money on pots and MP. I kill mobs and pick up their drop thing, and sell it to any of the Shop and its like spending more and more. There's one of the way to make money in JX Online, and it should work pretty well ( I think ). Open your own shop and sell your stuff ( which is not necessary in use ).

The first thing i ever thought of selling is stuff that i pick up when doing mining. But first you must do all the mission which can enable you to learn this skill, Mining, and other skills. After you have learned the Mining Skill. You will get a Ore Pick for free, only once free. And once it is broken, you need to buy again. Don't worry, you can easily get it at any Grossary Shop. Oops, to learn the mining skill, you can find the man named "Dai the Miner (Mining Skill)" which is located north west of Chengdu.

What you can sell? Fine Iron and Black Gold Rock is the only thing you can mining out for beginner. It is very demanded material which can be used to forge weapon. Other player will sure come look for it. Try sell around 20 Fine Iron for about 2500s, and it will be sold out very fast in no time, unless someone beside you selling a much more lower price. Becareful on putting up your price of selling cos if you put up a too low price which is way too lower than the cost of buying a Level 1 Ore Pick, then you are not making any money.

As for the Black Gold Rock, you can sell it at least 500s more than the Fine Iron, cos it is much more expensive due to the Ore Pick Level 2 equipment.

Beside making money this way, you can also sell other things like armor which is rare or have special status which also some items you picked up, doesn't really mean that you should keep it. If you sell it to Shop, it will be sold in very low price, but if you open up your shop, in another vending, you can put up your own price.

Above mentioned, is one way which you need to let your hero do the digging itself while you asleep, but there is another way to make money, is, you keep finishing mission given by the Merchant Guild Bos, which can be found in any town. By accomplishing any mission, you will be given 2 choices, 1 is to get Gold(not really gold, its money, sometime very high pay sometimes low), and 2 is Experience. You can choose either one, if you do not need experience first or you think you can easily gain experience by killing mobs, then you can just select the acquire gold.

TIPS: If you pick up really rare stuff, you really can sell at high price. If you saw mobs which have a blue name on it, try killing it, cos it will drop lots and lots of stuff, some of it might cost very high.


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