Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Guide for newbie in JX2

To be a female character in this game, wasn't easy, at first, thats what i thought, but throughout this game, i found that, no matter what you are in this game, wasn't important, the most important thing is the stats and the sect that you join. Each Sect have their own ability and skills. Stats, is how you set it, whether you want strength, defence, or whichever type of character you willing to be.

Once the game start, i was sent to Bian Jiang, running around this town and didn't know what to do. Try went out town and start killing some rabbits. Which was not so hard to kill and the experience given was tremendously good. Went up level fast. From level 1 to level 5 was in just a few minutes. Going through this few level, i've noticed that this wasn't it at all, there must be some other thing that i needed to do, like other Online game, a quest or an assignment or even a mission. Until level 6, i logout and try went to their JX2 Malaysia Website to find out some guides or tips. Was shock that the website is still under construction and some of it, is still not ready yet and some does. Lucky thing is the tips for newbies in JX2 is available, otherwise, i will exploring around the whole map in JX2 for 1 week also i can't find anything.

Tips for Newbie in JX2:
In Justice X war II Online or JX2 there are numbers of mission available for Newbie, Master Mission, Script Mission, and also the World Mission. You need to be almost everyday in JX2 so that you can understand most of the mission related to.

A) Newbie Mission:
Visit The Pioneer Counsellor at the main cities to start your first mission of JX 2 Online and it doesn't matter which town you are in. (You can even skip all the level before meeting him, meaning, if even you are at a level of 15 also you still can visit the old guy. But you will get lack of some skill and experience that was rewarded after you achived the mission on each level.)

Level 1: Visit the Weapon Shop Owner, Boutique Shop Owner, Accessory Shop Owner, Pharmacy Owner, Grocery Shop Owner in the town and report to Pioneer Counsellor, you will obtain some money and newbie equipment once completed.

Level 4: Go and talk with the Gate’s guard and Martial Arts Instructor , report to Pioneer Counsellor in order to complete this mission.

Level 6: Look for the Grand Inn Owner and Escort Guard who located i n the town and return to Pioneer Counsellor, find a player and form a party, talk with Pioneer Counsellor to complete the mission and obtain your reward.

Level 8: Answer few questions of Pioneer Counsellor, go and have a conversation with Mr. Know-It-All, report to Pioneer Counsellor in order to complete the mission.

Level 9: Pioneer Counsellor will pass you a letter, send the letter to Zhao YanNian wh o is located at (161/179) at BianJing, after that, Zhao YanNian will request you to ma k e him a bun, he will tell you something and request you to come back to him when you reach Level 10 once you pass him the bun.

Level 10: Zhao YanNian will give you 3 letters, return to Pioneer Counsellor, he will request you to pass these 3 letters to Kou Zun at BianJing, Fan ZhongYan at ChengDu, and Wang Wei Ye at QuanZhou.

B) Living Skill Learning Procedure:
i . After player reached level 10, look for Wandering Healer in ChengDu .

ii . Look for Li the Harvester in QuanZhou (200/185) and answer his questions . It is very easy question, don't worry about unable to answer the question, just remember to write the sequence number on the answer and you will get it done easily. Same goes with Liu the Woodcutter.

iii . Look for Liu the Woodcutter in BianJing (152/181) and answers his questions .

iv . All other Living Skills will be able to learn after you learned how to produce Bun and bandage.

All the above tips and guide was actually given by the JX2 Malaysia website except for some words that i added in, was my own experience on playing this Online MMORPG Game. By the time you have read till here, i've already started my career(in the JX2 Game) as a Emei Sect.

Was fun and easy to use Emei skill, and its more faster leveling up by killing mobs(thats what all other players named the monster or enemy.)

Next post i will try detailise all item that i acquired and how to use it, what to use on the item too. :)


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