Monday, October 16, 2006

Download JX2 Online Game

Have been posting for few days, never even mention the place where you can download the game. Its an English version of JX2 Online game which is available at a Malaysia website. But i notice that not all can manage to go into or browse into the area where you can download the game.

Here's the website where you can download the JX2 Online game.

Download JX2 Game Installer

You need to download it each and every zip files and extract it then only can install. Instruction of doing so can be obtain on the same website. Sad thing is the website, some of the information are not available yet and still under construction, luckly they manage to let player to enjoy the game first while they are updating the website.

But make sure you have register on their website before starting the game. :( A bit bug was found while registering on their website and if you are using Mozila Firefox to browse their website, you might need to wait for long time and some of the info or link are out of lining. Try use Internet Explorer 6x to browse, you wouldn't need to wait or have any trouble. :)

Some guide for new player or senior player, this might help abit. JX2 Online program seems to have problem if you have your Firewall On all the time. While you fear that you might get intruder, or hack. You can try this tips, its works fine on my PC.

1st Way to set Firewall for JX2 Online
1. Open up your control panel on the start button, select the Window Firewall, then you will notice it is ON, (* Make sure you don't have any other software or client that is accessing the internet line before doing so).
2. Set it to off and click apply.
3. Launch your JX2 program, wait until it is logon or you are in the game( fully in the game)
4. Now go back to the Window Firewall, set it back to ON.
Now you can play JX2 Online safely.

2nd Way to set Firewall for JX2 Online
1. Same thing as above 1st way, go to control panel again, at the Windows Firewall, there is a Tab which title "exceptional". This is where the firewall will ignore those program that have been selected to be safe or exceptional and which will let the program bypass the Firewall.
2. Add the 2 execute programs which is in the JX2 Program directory resided.

:) Hope this will help some of you out there whom have some problem while accessing JX2 Online. I've try and have problem as mentioned above, and it is solved with the 2 solution aboved mention.

Have fun!!!

Tips : Will be checking out new Emei Sword details, and update on my blog soon.


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