Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bot in JX2 Online Game

Recently just found out about players of JX2 asking about where can download the bot programs for JX2 Online game. At first wasn't notice about what they are talking about. Some of the player might be using a bot program for leveling their own characters or heroes, some even use it to vend their items and stuff. This online game is just out for i think about few months and already some genius found out about the way to bot, they really are good programers. Wonder how and where did the player download this bot program.

In some town, i saw some players even have 6 sames characters with a same name except for the last character which maybe from A ~ Z. Each sells different items at the same place. Some mentioned that they might have 6 PCs running JX2, but some mentioned that they are running 6 JX2 program at the same time on the same PC. They might have a very high performance pc to do so. Or they might be using some bot program to run all the 6 characters. Using a bot program maybe have some good usage like this, cos you wouldn't need to worry that you can't sell out any stuff becos of *DC. Eventhough the characters are DC, the bot program will automatically run it again, and open up the shop by itself. Cool.

But in some cases like, bot leveling, this is really like just being away from their mouse click and keyboard and the character kill monster by itself and pickup stuff and also gets level up easyly, even without disconnected. I thought JX2 have a secure bot protected systems? Download bot program to run it this way, it will actually spoilt the fun of playing the game. Yes, you have high level heroes in a short time, it fight and kill while you are sleeping, you let the pc runs 24/7 but whats the point of playing this game? If i want to rest, i would let my characters start vending and i go sleep. For those who play bot for their games, beware that if you get caught by the GM, you might not be able to use your so-called high level heroes again. Think twice before doing so.

* DC = Disconnected from the game.


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