Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bot in JX2 Online Game

Recently just found out about players of JX2 asking about where can download the bot programs for JX2 Online game. At first wasn't notice about what they are talking about. Some of the player might be using a bot program for leveling their own characters or heroes, some even use it to vend their items and stuff. This online game is just out for i think about few months and already some genius found out about the way to bot, they really are good programers. Wonder how and where did the player download this bot program.

In some town, i saw some players even have 6 sames characters with a same name except for the last character which maybe from A ~ Z. Each sells different items at the same place. Some mentioned that they might have 6 PCs running JX2, but some mentioned that they are running 6 JX2 program at the same time on the same PC. They might have a very high performance pc to do so. Or they might be using some bot program to run all the 6 characters. Using a bot program maybe have some good usage like this, cos you wouldn't need to worry that you can't sell out any stuff becos of *DC. Eventhough the characters are DC, the bot program will automatically run it again, and open up the shop by itself. Cool.

But in some cases like, bot leveling, this is really like just being away from their mouse click and keyboard and the character kill monster by itself and pickup stuff and also gets level up easyly, even without disconnected. I thought JX2 have a secure bot protected systems? Download bot program to run it this way, it will actually spoilt the fun of playing the game. Yes, you have high level heroes in a short time, it fight and kill while you are sleeping, you let the pc runs 24/7 but whats the point of playing this game? If i want to rest, i would let my characters start vending and i go sleep. For those who play bot for their games, beware that if you get caught by the GM, you might not be able to use your so-called high level heroes again. Think twice before doing so.

* DC = Disconnected from the game.

Level 0 - 10 of JX2's monsters details

I've been searching up and down for monster details in this Online game. Wishing some of this information might help newbie and junior of JX2's players. I will try to gather as much information as possible, to share it with other player.

Monster Name : Puppet Wood Stake
Monster Level : 0
HP : 5
Exp Gain : 4
Location : South Prefecture of Chengdu, other outside town also can be found.
Drop Item : None

Monster Name : White Rabbit or Wild Rabbit
Monster Level : 2
HP : 50
Exp Gain : 4
Location : Outside all towns East, West and South Prefecture of Towns.
Drop Item : Saffron, Rabbit Feet(Rare drop), Rabbit fur, Rabbit Meat, Rabbit Tail.

Monster Name : Grey Hare
Monster Level : 5
HP : 104
Exp Gain : 4
Location : Outside all towns East, West and South Prefecture of Towns.
Drop Item : Saffron, Level 10 Male's equipment, Level -10 lady's wear.

Monster Name : Vagabond
Monster Level : 8
HP : 128
Exp Gain : 4
Location : Outside all towns East, West and South Prefecture of Towns.
Drop Item : Chicken Meat, Red Wine, Pine Vine Sword.

Monster Name : Hooligan
Monster Level : 9
HP : 144
Exp Gain : 4
Location : Outside all towns East, West and South Prefecture of Towns.
Drop Item : Chicken Meat, Embroidered shoes, Black Hound Blood, Colourful Hairpin.

The above mentioned details might not be accurates or may left out some information. If you have some information or details on the selected monster, hope you can share it with us here. Eventhough these is just few of them, but i will try to get more details on JX2's monster.

*TIPS : If you somehow saw some monster with blue name on it, it is actually meant that this monster have a lot of stuff will be dropped once it is killed, but becareful, the higher the level is of the monster the harder it will get killed.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Download JX2 Online Game

Have been posting for few days, never even mention the place where you can download the game. Its an English version of JX2 Online game which is available at a Malaysia website. But i notice that not all can manage to go into or browse into the area where you can download the game.

Here's the website where you can download the JX2 Online game.

Download JX2 Game Installer

You need to download it each and every zip files and extract it then only can install. Instruction of doing so can be obtain on the same website. Sad thing is the website, some of the information are not available yet and still under construction, luckly they manage to let player to enjoy the game first while they are updating the website.

But make sure you have register on their website before starting the game. :( A bit bug was found while registering on their website and if you are using Mozila Firefox to browse their website, you might need to wait for long time and some of the info or link are out of lining. Try use Internet Explorer 6x to browse, you wouldn't need to wait or have any trouble. :)

Some guide for new player or senior player, this might help abit. JX2 Online program seems to have problem if you have your Firewall On all the time. While you fear that you might get intruder, or hack. You can try this tips, its works fine on my PC.

1st Way to set Firewall for JX2 Online
1. Open up your control panel on the start button, select the Window Firewall, then you will notice it is ON, (* Make sure you don't have any other software or client that is accessing the internet line before doing so).
2. Set it to off and click apply.
3. Launch your JX2 program, wait until it is logon or you are in the game( fully in the game)
4. Now go back to the Window Firewall, set it back to ON.
Now you can play JX2 Online safely.

2nd Way to set Firewall for JX2 Online
1. Same thing as above 1st way, go to control panel again, at the Windows Firewall, there is a Tab which title "exceptional". This is where the firewall will ignore those program that have been selected to be safe or exceptional and which will let the program bypass the Firewall.
2. Add the 2 execute programs which is in the JX2 Program directory resided.

:) Hope this will help some of you out there whom have some problem while accessing JX2 Online. I've try and have problem as mentioned above, and it is solved with the 2 solution aboved mention.

Have fun!!!

Tips : Will be checking out new Emei Sword details, and update on my blog soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weapons Details - Emei Zither

Since i am using a character which is Emei Zither Sect, i have found out some of the weapon details which i can share with some of the Newbie Emei Zither players.

Weapon for use by Emei Zither Only.

Name : Jade Zither
Weapon Level : 2
Ex.Atk : 13-28
In.Atk : 17 - 33
Weight : 30
Endurance : 71/71
Level Requirement : 10+
Description : Made from fine iron

Name : Billows Zither
Weapon Level : 2
Ex. Atk : 21-44
In.Atk : 25-51
Weight : 40
Endurance : 97/97
Level Requirement : 16+
Description : Sounds resolute

Name : Thundering Zither
Weapon Level : 3
Ex.Atk : 30-61
In.Atk : 39-78
Weight : 50
Endurance : 115/115
Level Requirement : 22+
Description : Sounds like booming thunder

Name : Splashing Streams
Weapon Level : 3
Ex.Atk : 43-88
In.Atk : 51-106
Weight : 60
Endurance : 133/133
Level Requirement : 28+
Description : Made by High Monk Zhi Ren, sounds bright and clear

Name : Awakening Thunder
Weapon Level : 4
Ex.Atk : 59-119
In.Atk : 67-142
Weight : 70
Endurance : 148/148
Level Requirement : 34+
Description : Master crafter of Tang Dynasty Lei Zhen made this on a stormy night on Mount Emei

Name : Flying Waterfall
Weapon Level : 4
Ex.Atk : 68-144
In.Atk : 88-165
Weight : 80
Endurance : 173/173
Level Requirement : 40+
Description : Made by Tang Dynasty master crafter Zhang Yue, sounds like crushing of waterfalls.

Name : Shinning Lunar Sea
Weapon Level : 5
Ex.Atk : 85-176
In.Atk : 102-211
Weight : 90
Endurance : 189/189
Level Requirement : 46+
Description : Weapon used by the Six-fingered Zither Demon

Name : Jade of Nine Skies
Weapon Level : 5
Ex.Atk : 110-204
In.Atk : 119-242
Weight : 100
Endurance : 191/191
Level Requirement : 52+
Description : Made by the master crafter Lei Xiao of Tang Dynasty, invaluable

Name : Howling Bell
Weapon Level : 6
Ex.Atk : 125-248
In.Atk : 141-280
Weight : 110
Endurance : 219/219
Level Requirement : 58+
Description : Famous zither of the Zhou Dynasty

Name : Green Chair
Weapon Level : 6
Ex.Atk : 146-291
In.Atk : 164-326
Weight : 120
Endurance : 220/220
Level Requirement : 64+
Description : Legendary zither once used by Sima Xiang Ru

Most of the Emei weapon level 2 and level 3 can be obtain or purchase from any Weapon Shop in town like Bian Jiang, Chengdu and YangZhou. While the level 4 and 5 can be obtain at Weapon Shop at Xiang Yang's Town. Others are yet to know, cos i only found some of the weapon level 5 and level 6 which some player vending selling the weapon. Some of the weapon can be obtain without buying the shop which were drop by some mobs. If you are lucky, you will get a blue and green status of Emei Weapon from killing the mobs. Most of the blue status of the weapon are keen to be a capacity plus some effect on mobs while the green status are among the popular selling high price at any town because of their increment of status.

*Fast tips , to equip your weapon fast, open up your inventory and right-click on the weapon that you wish to equiped on. Or you can simply drag and drop your weapon on the fast key button, so you can easily equip a certain status of weapon which have a certain effect or affects on either both the mobs or your character in different situation and events.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Choosing Skill with cautious

Now that i have reach level 38, wow, that's still not consider high enough luckly that i my character's stat was that bad, at least. I have join the Emei Zither Sect which is i can use a weapon that play music or melody to kill mobs. :) Nice while playing my melody i get less hit by mobs.

Mentioning about choosing the right skill for your character is something to be cautious, why? It will take your money, i mean forfeit your money for keep changing your skill, unless you are rich and have a lot of money. At first, i didn't know about forfeit money for changing money thats when i try to change skill and found that the current skill i have doesn't match with each other.

Friday, October 13, 2006

How to make more money in JX Online 2 ?

After spending days and hours of playing JX Online 2 or JX2, i notice that i spend alot of money on pots and MP. I kill mobs and pick up their drop thing, and sell it to any of the Shop and its like spending more and more. There's one of the way to make money in JX Online, and it should work pretty well ( I think ). Open your own shop and sell your stuff ( which is not necessary in use ).

The first thing i ever thought of selling is stuff that i pick up when doing mining. But first you must do all the mission which can enable you to learn this skill, Mining, and other skills. After you have learned the Mining Skill. You will get a Ore Pick for free, only once free. And once it is broken, you need to buy again. Don't worry, you can easily get it at any Grossary Shop. Oops, to learn the mining skill, you can find the man named "Dai the Miner (Mining Skill)" which is located north west of Chengdu.

What you can sell? Fine Iron and Black Gold Rock is the only thing you can mining out for beginner. It is very demanded material which can be used to forge weapon. Other player will sure come look for it. Try sell around 20 Fine Iron for about 2500s, and it will be sold out very fast in no time, unless someone beside you selling a much more lower price. Becareful on putting up your price of selling cos if you put up a too low price which is way too lower than the cost of buying a Level 1 Ore Pick, then you are not making any money.

As for the Black Gold Rock, you can sell it at least 500s more than the Fine Iron, cos it is much more expensive due to the Ore Pick Level 2 equipment.

Beside making money this way, you can also sell other things like armor which is rare or have special status which also some items you picked up, doesn't really mean that you should keep it. If you sell it to Shop, it will be sold in very low price, but if you open up your shop, in another vending, you can put up your own price.

Above mentioned, is one way which you need to let your hero do the digging itself while you asleep, but there is another way to make money, is, you keep finishing mission given by the Merchant Guild Bos, which can be found in any town. By accomplishing any mission, you will be given 2 choices, 1 is to get Gold(not really gold, its money, sometime very high pay sometimes low), and 2 is Experience. You can choose either one, if you do not need experience first or you think you can easily gain experience by killing mobs, then you can just select the acquire gold.

TIPS: If you pick up really rare stuff, you really can sell at high price. If you saw mobs which have a blue name on it, try killing it, cos it will drop lots and lots of stuff, some of it might cost very high.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Guide for newbie in JX2

To be a female character in this game, wasn't easy, at first, thats what i thought, but throughout this game, i found that, no matter what you are in this game, wasn't important, the most important thing is the stats and the sect that you join. Each Sect have their own ability and skills. Stats, is how you set it, whether you want strength, defence, or whichever type of character you willing to be.

Once the game start, i was sent to Bian Jiang, running around this town and didn't know what to do. Try went out town and start killing some rabbits. Which was not so hard to kill and the experience given was tremendously good. Went up level fast. From level 1 to level 5 was in just a few minutes. Going through this few level, i've noticed that this wasn't it at all, there must be some other thing that i needed to do, like other Online game, a quest or an assignment or even a mission. Until level 6, i logout and try went to their JX2 Malaysia Website to find out some guides or tips. Was shock that the website is still under construction and some of it, is still not ready yet and some does. Lucky thing is the tips for newbies in JX2 is available, otherwise, i will exploring around the whole map in JX2 for 1 week also i can't find anything.

Tips for Newbie in JX2:
In Justice X war II Online or JX2 there are numbers of mission available for Newbie, Master Mission, Script Mission, and also the World Mission. You need to be almost everyday in JX2 so that you can understand most of the mission related to.

A) Newbie Mission:
Visit The Pioneer Counsellor at the main cities to start your first mission of JX 2 Online and it doesn't matter which town you are in. (You can even skip all the level before meeting him, meaning, if even you are at a level of 15 also you still can visit the old guy. But you will get lack of some skill and experience that was rewarded after you achived the mission on each level.)

Level 1: Visit the Weapon Shop Owner, Boutique Shop Owner, Accessory Shop Owner, Pharmacy Owner, Grocery Shop Owner in the town and report to Pioneer Counsellor, you will obtain some money and newbie equipment once completed.

Level 4: Go and talk with the Gate’s guard and Martial Arts Instructor , report to Pioneer Counsellor in order to complete this mission.

Level 6: Look for the Grand Inn Owner and Escort Guard who located i n the town and return to Pioneer Counsellor, find a player and form a party, talk with Pioneer Counsellor to complete the mission and obtain your reward.

Level 8: Answer few questions of Pioneer Counsellor, go and have a conversation with Mr. Know-It-All, report to Pioneer Counsellor in order to complete the mission.

Level 9: Pioneer Counsellor will pass you a letter, send the letter to Zhao YanNian wh o is located at (161/179) at BianJing, after that, Zhao YanNian will request you to ma k e him a bun, he will tell you something and request you to come back to him when you reach Level 10 once you pass him the bun.

Level 10: Zhao YanNian will give you 3 letters, return to Pioneer Counsellor, he will request you to pass these 3 letters to Kou Zun at BianJing, Fan ZhongYan at ChengDu, and Wang Wei Ye at QuanZhou.

B) Living Skill Learning Procedure:
i . After player reached level 10, look for Wandering Healer in ChengDu .

ii . Look for Li the Harvester in QuanZhou (200/185) and answer his questions . It is very easy question, don't worry about unable to answer the question, just remember to write the sequence number on the answer and you will get it done easily. Same goes with Liu the Woodcutter.

iii . Look for Liu the Woodcutter in BianJing (152/181) and answers his questions .

iv . All other Living Skills will be able to learn after you learned how to produce Bun and bandage.

All the above tips and guide was actually given by the JX2 Malaysia website except for some words that i added in, was my own experience on playing this Online MMORPG Game. By the time you have read till here, i've already started my career(in the JX2 Game) as a Emei Sect.

Was fun and easy to use Emei skill, and its more faster leveling up by killing mobs(thats what all other players named the monster or enemy.)

Next post i will try detailise all item that i acquired and how to use it, what to use on the item too. :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

JX2 - Justice XWar2 First Time

First time register on JX2 Online Game. I've created a character named StephanieSun(which is my favourite singer from Singapore). At first, wasn't sure which clan or type of character that i wish to create. Lastly i've decided to try out the Petite Female. Wasn't clear on what to do once in the game. But i will try to explorer around for few hours.

So i will share some experience on every single tips, hints and walkthrough on JX2 Online game. Make sure you visit my website again, for more information on playing this games.